Root’s paragraph of survival. est. 1976, Chicago

If you can see them, then they can see you. Though there’s always a way, careful because its almost surely booby-trapped. Sometimes its better to look unimportant and blend in, they may be low on ammo. Professionals predictable, amateurs dangerously sooooo, they’ll be there when your ready and then when your not. Teamwork is essential, or somebody else to be shot @ when its not. The diversion is a major part of their attack, head swivel. eyes front and back. When your attack is going well, its because its an ambush. Anything you do can get you shot, including nothing. Forward favored soldiers in your personal warfare. Endurance is important because @ the end there’s a Birth type push. Make it tough for the enemy to get in and you won’t be able to get out. Never share a foxhole w/ anyone braver than yourself. When you win, don’t forget to tell the enemy, and never forget your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.


to quote alheim: ‘stoner early warning system’

Rushed to take a redbox back by 9pm. I’m over on Montrose and Kimball by seven eleven and as I’m focusing on the machine this stranger is speaking in my direction. ‘Whoa man, whoa!’ I look over and curiously walk over. He’s looking directly overhead, tweeking. He says, ‘I know I’m stoned but tell me you see this shit?’ I look up and at first glance didn’t see anything. Then I focus my night vision and see what looks like a black c-130 hovering in the air at the same level most planes descend to O’Hare. Except the noise is different. Quiet. Then accelerates like a plane and dips out. faster than a Blackhawk helo. My peeps know of the military times and I’ve seen osprey’s, harriers and other cool shit, but I’ve never seen anything like this. no b.s. No alien conspiracy theory but it was impressive. Drone? Barack’s mobile weed stash? I should feel safe but I don’t. I verify that I do indeed see it and my man shakes his head and says, ‘I’m just glad you were standing here to see it. That kush ain’t no joke.’ fun times.

Be at peace with yourself.

1)Train your attention. Don’t become a slave to it. You control it. Control your attention and you gain control of yourself. The stillness inside takes no effort to grasp and hold onto. The distractions come. Let them. Observe and move on. Let the thoughts come and go. You are the observer with no need to attach yourself to any individual thought.
2)Be still. Fear does not exist. Just breathe and focus your awareness on what you fear and you see that it is just another useless invention of the ego. And that the more you realize the lack of a need for ego, the more it fights to stay. The mind will try to tell you what to pay attention to. But Stillness comes and the busyness just leaves. Be clear and all the noise is washed out in the great unburdening. Only To realize how free you’ve always been.

‘there is a wonderful kind of synchronicity; actions happen without strain, without projection. They are just a kind of flow. Only be clear and all the noise is washed out.’ Mooji

I share this with you because Once I thought I was lost. I searched for validation in the wrong places because no one ever made it apparent where to look and what I was looking for. Through nothing short of a miracle(and I’m a believer in such things), I found The focus and the trust in myself and my higher power to know that there was nothing wrong with not knowing. I spent years looking for something that I had to ask and answer of myself. Who am I? A reflection of the divine source with a  heart free of hatred was my answer. Once I freed myself of unrealistic pressures I found the truth. I opened my eyes and became aware of how powerful my thoughts and presence are. I felt unlucky only to realize that there was no such thing and I let someone else’s anger become my own. This anger led me down a path of disaster. And only when I opened my eyes through the power of meditation did I find the discipline and ensuing action that would free me. Through freeing myself I was able to see my reflection in others. I saw the love I gave reciprocated. I know now that not knowing is alright. What I thought I knew became a prison. Only through trust in a new spiritual connection by conscious choice was I able to see that it was o.k. to not know. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty. For me Happiness is the recognition of what blessings I’ve been bestowed and blessed with. My children were the motivation to free myself. And the woman I love gave me a reason to want to be the best version of myself. Though I have less material now, I have all the riches I have been entitled to all along. All came through the portal of pain and suffering. Without the lessons and experience my new found faith and wealth of intelligence would not  have come to be and i wouldn’t be able to communicate this to someone who is in the footsteps that I was in.

Through my suffering I’ve come to know the self. And the knowledge of self led the discovery of the power of my thoughts. Negative thoughts make a negative world.
Through meditation and yoga I found the discipline to destroy the ego. Making a way through the dark clouds is possible. Whether you dip your toe into the pool of the divine current or jump in head first. The path will find you. Once you start the journey there is no going back. Your instincts will guide you as in a state of permanent meditation. Let’s call it spirituality.
Spirituality is the awakening to the true position. I am that within which even the body and mind is functioning and is being perceived.

Before awakening there is this sanity of consciousness, you become aware that you only dreamed you were the doer of action and the thinker of thought. When the mind is in its recovery of sanity mode, It sees this. When its not in the recovery of sanity mode,  it is actually in identification and actually thinks it is the doer of action and the thinker of thoughts. When I is identified with the body/mind it becomes the I which then mistakes itself to be a person. It becomes the persons responsibility to take care of this existence. However, if the same I is identified as only the witness or the universal seer, then it becomes the universes responsibility to take care of this body’s life. Furthermore, it is the universe taking care of all life. Think of it as Universal life support. In the mind of the consciousness, it believes itself to be an individual doing and it comes into the dream of karma. And Karma is but the dream of the ego. It is teasing its way back into you. The impulse of consciousness is to undress itself in this body of its dreaming. Its tired of sufffering. It wants to come back. That’s probably why you are reading this. The consciousness chooses to wake up in the body. Sometimes it hides to play the game. Just know you can and will win the game.

And what an interesting game, or movie even, with the car chase, the failed romance. Best believe no one can make a better movie than the divine. I wish you to awaken to the eternal self. All that mankind must do to become free is to become kind man. The Kindest man is one that knows itself.
All good qualities manifest spontaneously in the awakened mind. Ignore the outpourings of a tormented mind. Your timelessly perfect. Truth.

Hints to the end of suffering:
The pain is only a clue to where you can find your own answers. Within.
The best gift to give to someone you love is something you can’t buy. Your true presence.
Your true presence is what you find when you rid yourself of the unneeded ego.
And find your way through the turmoil that haunts you.

Finding the kingdom of heaven within you here and now leads to The end of living in a state of suffering.
You may need suffering to come the realization (paradox) that you don’t need to suffer anymore.
As a human being I wouldn’t have evolved spiritually if I didn’t suffer. My main teacher.
When your ready your spiritual teacher comes into your life. When your ready to hear it.

2600 years ago the Buddha spread the same message, there can be an end to self-inflicted suffering. And when you don’t inflict suffering on yourself anymore (the thoughts, and your interpretation of how bad things seem),
When you see that you see another way to live and stop mentally arguing with yourself.
If you know longer inflict suffering on self, then you don’t inflict it on others. For the two go together.

My teachers in this were Eckhart Tolle (weird but brilliant), tony robbins, papaji, mooji and the satsang program and also Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to name a few.

Escape the prison of the mind.

Websites recommendations for great food ideas.

If your as big a foodie as I am then I’d like to pass on two sites that I subscribe to. and  They both feature interesting recipes and great instructional videos for preparing a great meal at home. I for one think its possible to replicate the quality that we find in most restaurants. I’ve been guilty of preparing a monotonous variety of food for my kids when they were younger but a little bit of drive to escape the mundane has allowed me to broaden my horizons. As a hospitality professional for just over a decade I’ve gathered the tools to do better in the kitchen. With a little bit of consumer knowledge I believe anyone can build these skills now. So no more regular fast food visits. Develop your own brand of fast food goodies by building your knowledge base.